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Fusco’s School (Cisce), Bangalore


  • The uniform must conform to the pattern and colour prescribed by the school.
  • Wearing full uniform is compulsory except on birthday. No excuses will be accepted for any missing part of it/defaulter may be fined. You are to be modestly dressed while reporting to school.
  • Hair Should look well groomed and modest. Hair should be plaited for girls if it is more than shoulder length. Ribbons and clips if used should be black in colour. No. special decoration and colouring of hair is allowed.
  • All boys should sport trimmed hair cut at all times. This rule does not apply to those students who are bound by religious laws.
  • Girls should not apply nail polish, kajal and mehndi during the school session.
  • Wrist watches: Pupils in Std V and below should not wear watches. Musical watches with games should not be worn.



  • Uniform with tights blue & white
  • Hair (short) with hair band black and white.
  • Long hair – neatly plaited & tied upwards with Black & white ribbons.
  • No long ear ring & nail colours.


  • A decent hair cut.
  • PRE-KG to IV – Half trousers with shirt.
  • V to X – Full pants with blazers.
Monday,Tuesday & SaturdayBlue full setBlueBlack
WednesdayWhite full setWhiteWhite
ThursdayTrack suitBlueBlack
Friday(I to X)House T-Shirt &whiteWhiteWhite
Friday (KG)Colour uniform    –   –