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Fusco’s School (Cisce), Bangalore


It was a meeting with Maddalenda Capto of angry, a strong-willed woman aspiring to enter religious life, which impelled father Alfonso to move more quickly in the foundation of the institute. On September 26, 1878, miss Caputo and three other young women met at night in the dilapidated Scarcella house in the Ardinghi district of angry. The young women wanted to dedicate themselves for their own sanctification through a life of poverty, of union with good, and of charity in the care and instruction of poor orphans.

The congregation of the Baptistine Sisters of the Nazarene was thus begun; the seed had fallen into the good earth of the hearts of these four zealous and generous women. Privations, struggles, oppositions, and trials were their lot, and the lord made that seed grow abundantly. The Scarcella house was quickly named the little house of providence. He would often repeat to his sisters; “Let us become saints, following Jesus closely… Daughters, if you live in poverty in chastity and in obedience, you will shine like the stars up in the heavens”.

His tenacious will, totally anchored in divine providence, the wise and prudent collaboration of Maddalenda Caputo, known as Sr.Crocifissa, who was the first superior of the growing institute, the ongoing spur of the love of god and neighbour, contributed to the extraordinary development of the work in a very short time. The growing requests for assistance for an ever greater number of orphans and children urged Fr. Alfonso to open new houses, first in Campania, and then in other regions of Italy.

Beatified in 2001, Blessed Alfonso Maria Fusco’s feast day is celebrated on February 7th.

The general government of the congregation is located in Rome, Italy. The provincial residence for the Indian province is located in Indiranagar Bangalore. Current governance and administration for the Indian province includes.

Provincial Superior – Sr. Motchapackiam, C.S.J.B
Vicar Councilor – Sr. Jasinta, C.S.J.B
2nd Councilor – Sr. Brigit, C.S.J.B
3rd Councilor – Sr. Mani, C.S.J.B
4rd Councilor– Sr. Helen, C.S.J.B
Economer – Sr.Arputha Mary, C.S.J.B