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Fusco’s School (Cisce), Bangalore


The fee can be paid in three installments for your convenience, or in full payment in June itself.

1st Installments May

2nd Installment September

3rd Installment December

  • Students on roll for even a part of the term must pay the school fees for the entire year, if they decide to take T.C.
  • Fees of Students leaving the school during an academic year will not be refunded.
  • Registration and Examination fees for ICSE (X Std) have to be paid separately as and when informed by the school.
  • Request for permission to pay after the fixed date should be made in writing to the Principal. Failure to pay the fees within the prescribed dates will attract a fine.


  • Bus service is voluntary and not mandatory. The management follows all the road safety regulations but will not be responsible for any mishap on accident on the way.
  • Once the student is registered for the bus facility, fees are collected for 12 months. It is compulsory to pay 12 months’ fees whether the students use the bur or not.